my boy, Encore.

my boy, Encore.

shh we’re not here right now

shh we’re not here right now

I keep getting messages about the audio not working for this post? But it’s.. working for me? I’m not sure why it’s doing that but it’s a remix called Married Life of Pixar’s “Up”. This is most of it.

condensedanonsouls asked: I thought the music not loading was a part of some joke so I reblogged it anyway...

jokes on you it totally works, now you have working audio on your blog HA

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tinyfoxfriend asked: Aw. That music reblog doesn't work for me. :c I wanna hear the beep boops.

try it again? or after a little bit longer. When audio is reblogged a lot suddenly it errors so you gotta wait sometimes. If not here’s part of it!

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omg, press play. wait for the beat to drop. 

this is just lovely

This was a pleasant surprise.

the sweetest and saddest ambient beat remix of anything ever

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Anonymous asked: Why do you have a donate button?

people were askin— actually two people asked if I had one, one of them insisted I should have one and now here i am with a donate button.

Track Title: U.R.A. Fever

Artist: The Kills

Album: Midnight Boom


U.R.A. Fever - The Kills

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kingatticus replied to your post “Remember in rugrats how they lost their shit over chocolate milk?…”

Wait, didn’t one of the men do that? Because I remember Didi got angry by the mess that was caused from the chocolate milk being fought over.

Maybe Stu then? I can’t remember. One of Tommy’s parents. Bad move parent, bad move.

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Remember in rugrats how they lost their shit over chocolate milk? Remember when Didi gave the other kids milk and gave Tommy CHOCOLATE milk. That was real messed up.